You don't have any idea how strong you are? Every morning when you wake up..  Get in front of mirror What you see? YES you see is real.. YES its you YOU !!!  YES ! Every morning starts with your day.. Yes you can do it Yes you are the only one Yes you are the king of your kingdom Yes you have that potential.. YES YES YOU CAN DO IT C'MON GET UP You are the changer YES you are the game changer YES no one can stop you YES you are on the top of mountain.. BE SELF MOTIVATOR... YES YOU CAN DO IT

A question to people

When a coin can have two sides, Than why a soul can't have i.e what one speaks and what one thinks inside. people usually judge on the basis of what they think.. why can't they listen and thinks what one is saying. People(we) are becoming selfish nowadays... why ?? Why can't we understand each other, can we? Are we fit for these beautiful human life which is the best species in whole universe which the god gifted? Why we can't understand each other with patience? Can't we be good listener and thinker? People loose their patience within seconds and they do what they should not. We knows about coin that it is one coin but have two sides than can't we understand that a human also has two sides. Some people shows what they are and some doesn't. It is not that what he/she speaks is truth or what he/she mean because some are real and some are fake. people usually loves fake one, why? why can' they understood that if someone speaks harsh that doesn